Edupreneur: Jurnal Pendidikan dan Ekonomi

Edupreneur: Journal of Education and Economics, Journal published by the Postgraduate Program of IDIA Al-Amien Prenduan Sumenep in 2022. The frequency of publication of this journal is twice a year, namely in June and December in the on-line version.

Edupreneur: Journal of Education and Economics, Contains conceptual articles and research reports on Education and Economics viewed from various perspectives (Learning, curriculum, media, evaluation, facilities and infrastructure, education personnel, financing and institutions etc.)

All papers must be submitted to the journal through the online system. If you have never submitted a paper to this journal before, you will need to create an account here to REGISTER.

Office: Program Pascasarjana IDIA Al-Amien Prenduan Sumenep Jawa Timur

CP: Moh. Wardi
Phone: 082232639219, Kode Pos: 69465

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